Well hello!

You may be asking right now (rightfully so) why on earth does the world need another blog?

It doesn’t really, but here are my reasons for being here.  Allow me to introduce myself:

I am a marketing professional who has worked in the tech, toy, fashion, and ecommerce industries a handful of years. I love data and I love strong products and strong brands.

During this time, I have noticed that it’s really hard to find much personality in marketing content. Most marketing blogs are written by companies that want their blogs to have a more corporate voice.  Which tends to limit the ability to wisecrack, which frankly, is not my style.  My goal is to always have more fun while trying to get things done.

Most marketing blogs also are, for the most part trying to sell you something.  There is nothing more frustrating than coming across a marketing blog and realize at the end, they are trying to sell you “zoomxexcel referral technology” which then makes you question everything you just read.

I have also found most marketing content online to be dreadfully superficial. Very few address specific or detailed problems or are willing to address questions without pretending to have all the answers.

And finally, and most truthfully, I want to develop my own skill set. My hope is that by thinking through marketing challenges in this blog, I will become better at my job, better at solving problems, and meet others in the industry.

I plan to discuss whatever the big challenges are on my mind related to: Performance Marketing (Adwords, Facebook), Media Campaigns (TV, YouTube), Creative Optimization, Attribution Across Channels, Customer Retention, etc etc.  There may be a post or two about company culture as this is also a big passion of mine.

So there you have it. Looking forward to meeting you and also learning stuff!  Here’s to not being lazy.