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YouTube Advertising Part 2: Measurement

"How do we know if we're generating a good return on investment?" - Every executive in the world. This post is about the many challenges (and some insights!) around YouTube advertising success metrics. ¬†YouTube is one of those platforms that... Continue Reading →

Jump on the bandwagon, my friend! Influencer Marketing.

For the past 2+ years, the marketing community has been going crazy over INFLUENCER MARKETING. It's gone from the next big thing, to just the big thing, to wondering, "is this still a thing?". So if you're sitting around wondering,... Continue Reading →

Branding Campaigns for Startups

The thing is that it is much harder to measure effectiveness of a campaign when you are not doing direct response marketing, however this doesn't mean that branding campaigns don't work. Here are a couple practical tips on how to make branding campaigns work .

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