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These Gossamer Years

I open my recycling bin which is already overflowing with cardboard boxes, La Croix cans, and paper bags and try to shove one more cut-down cardboard box in there.   “How the hell do we fill this bin every single week?”,... Continue Reading →

Branding Campaigns for Startups

The thing is that it is much harder to measure effectiveness of a campaign when you are not doing direct response marketing, however this doesn't mean that branding campaigns don't work. Here are a couple practical tips on how to make branding campaigns work .

YouTube Advertising Part 1: Targeting

YouTube Advertising is kind of like the Mutual Funds of marketing channels: Someone told you that it was a good thing to do, you put a lot of money into it, but you really have no idea what the hell... Continue Reading →

Why write this blog?

Well hello! You may be asking right now (rightfully so) why on earth does the world need another blog? It doesn't really, but here are my reasons for being here.  Allow me to introduce myself: I am a marketing professional... Continue Reading →

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